Posted on: February 4, 2008 8:19 am

Super Bowl Ads

OK, so the top 10 list is out from USAToday.com. Below is a list of what viewers voted as the top 10 Ads. In my opinion, this years ads were sub-par at best. The game was great, and my congrats go out to the Giants and their fans. Below the official Top10 list, is my Top10 list. Try as a might, I could only come up with 5 commercials that I really liked.

1. Budweiser - Dog trains Clydesdale
2. FedEx - Homing Pigeons
3. Bridgestone - Critters screaming at oncoming car
4. Doritos - Mouse goes for entire bag
5. Bud Lite - Bud Lite comes with fire breathing ability
6. Bud Lite - Hidden Bud bottles at wine and cheese party
7. Coca Cola - Battling Parade Balloons
8. Diet Pepsi Max - People wake up after drinking Max
9. Planters - Men find unattractive women alluring
10. Tide - Talking stain

My top 10 doesn't quite look like that

1. FedEx - Homing Pigeons, this one cracked me up
2. Bud Lite - Caveman invents wheel to get rock cooler to party. Best lines "Wheel Suck!", and "Bottle Opener Suck!"
3. Ads for the Daytona 500
4. Coca Cola - Battling Parade Balloons.
5. There is no number 5, the rest of the commercials kinda stunk.
6. See #5
7. See #5
8. See #5
9. See #5
10. See # 5


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