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Posted on: June 1, 2010 8:19 am

You can't fix Stupid!

Good lord. Is this world just full of idiots who have the common sense of a peanut? Seriously. Our government last year passed a law banning truck drivers from texting while driving. To me, this is just common sense. Why would you take your eyes off the road for up to 5 seconds or more at a time just to send a message to someone else. Is it really that important that you would risk your life?

Now I read in PC World about a women who is sueing Google and Verizon because the walking directions she got on her mobile phone had her walking down a highway. Seriously, GPS is a wonderful, but definitely flawed tool. People still need to use that grey matter that is in their skulls once in a while. Of course, incidents like this should thin out the herd so we don't have idiots like this having stupid kids.


At what point do people actually start taking responsibility for their own actions. If someone tells me that it is a good idea to jump off of a cliff and I do, and by some miracle actually survive, do I have the right to sue the guy that told me to jump, or should someone just shoot me for being a complete and utter moron?

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