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Posted on: August 4, 2008 1:38 pm

Dumb cnn articles

A few months ago a the new Indiana Jones movie was coming out, and CNN had an article about archeologists who say that real archeology is nothing like what you see in an Indiana Jones movie. Really? You mean you don't fight off Nazi's while destroying half of an ancient temple to get to a gold idol? Duh! Most people are quite aware that archeologists spend much of their time excavating a site, slowly, just to retrieve some fragments of an object. Which they then use to write up a paper about the site.  I don't think this article enlightened anyone. I'm not just picking on CNN, if you do a google search for "archeologist say Indiana Jones is not real" you will get quite a few hits on the subject.

Then about a month ago I saw an article where the FBI crime lab says the t.v. show CSI is unrealistic. Again, Really? You mean scientists working in a lab isn't as exciting as they make it out to be on t.v.? Huh, archeology is out as a career choice, now so is being a lab technician.

Todya on CNN if you go to the Health section, there is an article that has this headline. Study: Kids' fast-food meals not so healthy. No Freakin Way. Fast Food isn't good for you? Shocking. I thought cooking food in oil was the best way. Did someone really have to waste money by doing a study for figure this out.

I am beginning to think that Americans have completely lost Common Sense.

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