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Posted on: March 11, 2009 9:12 am
Edited on: March 11, 2009 2:24 pm

Field of 64 Comedians - Final Four

 Another Field of 64 is getting close to completion, unless I continue to be lax in tallying the votes. In that case, this thing could go on for another two months.

The results of the last round are below, feel free to use the link to read the comments by the voters. My comments are included here.


#2 Rodney Dangerfield 27 #6 Bob Hope 6 I would have chose Rodney over Bob Hope in this matchup, and it looks like most of you agreed with me.

#1 George Carlin 13 #3 Bill Cosby 20 This was a hard choice, but I would have chosen Bill if a tiebreaker was needed. I expected a closer finish in this matchup.

#2 Eddie Murphy 29 #6 Redd Foxx 4 No surprise, Eddie should definitely advance over Redd, and it looks like everyone overwhelmingly agreed.

#1 Richard Pryor 9 #3 Robin Williams 24 Another tough matchup, I expected a close race, but Robin obliterated Richard.

Once again, I want to make sure everyone understands the rules, I made a slight amendment this week.

Recap of the rules.

1. Vote for all of the matchups. If you don't like either, or can't decide who you like better, flip a coin. When counting votes for 32 matchups, it is easier to know I tallied everything correctly if all matchups have the same number of votes.
2. Please use BOLD to indicate who you are voting for, or just strikethough the one you don't want to vote for (glad they fixed that), but keep your response in a list form, including the areas (east, west, etc.) Again, this just makes it easier for me to count up the votes
3. Not really a rule, but feel free to make comments on the matchups if you like. It makes for interesting reading.

Onto the new Matchups, looks like it is the 2's vs. the 3's.

#2 Rodney Dangerfield #3 Bill Cosby

#2 Eddie Murphy #3 Robin Williams

 Edit info:

The polls will be open until March 25, that should give everyone enough time to vote. And of course, I probably will get around to tallying them sometime in April.


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